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Rude front desk employee

By: jannatyrer | July 7, 2017

On July 7, 2017 I made an appointment for an oil change, and was told if I came in at 7am, when they opened, they could get it done first thing. I was planning on waiting.
Sooo, I came in at 7, and was told the mechanics didn't come in until 8:30, and it would be about 1 1/2 hours after that my car would be finished.
I asked why I wasn't told that when I made the appointment.
The employee insisted he tells that automatically to everyone, got angry and asked me if I was calling him a liar.
I've been going to Rob for over 20 years, and this rude A-hole employee just lost Rob a customer.

Just Wow!

By: AllenBass | June 27, 2017

Called Specialized Mechanical for an A/C tuneup before the season ramped up. Kerry whom I dealt with over the phone has an excellent manner and knowledge, she gets a rating of 10 from me.nnMy new AC Guys Jon (the owner) and Jared was able to show up earlier than expected. Energitically and expertly worked through our system. My 16-year-old is interested in being an HVAC repairman and Jon spent a great deal of time teaching and talking to him about our system and my sons job prospects. He even answered a quiz my son busted out about HVAC systems. He didn't try to sell us anything but warned us of some impending work we could expect to need done eventually. My husband was so impressed with every aspect of this visit. Jon and his team had amazing communication skills and was a consummate professional. We have certainly found our HVAC company for life.n

Specialized Mechanical

120 N Pacific St Ste A8 San Marcos, CA

category: Air Conditioning - Repairs

Rude Bully

By: plutoruled63 | June 23, 2017

This guy has anger management problems. He should not be dealing with the public. He sent a repairman to see why our A/C was leaking water. The repairman came, but a couple days later the leak was just as strong. When the boss (Robert) was called and told that the job wasn't done, he was verbally abusive and aggressive and hung up on my wife. Initially when my wife called and spoke with Robert about making an to service the air conditioner, Robert bullied his way into making the service call earlier then what my wife had wanted. He OKed a post-dated cheque because he wanted his way, then put it through early so that the bank sent it back, and then denied saying he OKed a post-dated cheque (and denied bullying my wife into having the service guy come early when she told him she preferred they come later vs. issuing a post-dated cheque). He also denied being rude with my wife when he was confronted on his behaviour, saying he is only rude to people that are rude to him...


Cec Ener-Tech Inc

2705 Ch Bates #200 Montreal, QC

category: Air Conditioning - Contractors

I was impressed with their knowledge...

By: danf0737 | May 4, 2017

Orlando and his team came out to our home because our A/C unit was not working. He was able to diagnose the problem and fix it at a very competitive price. I was impressed with their knowledge and experience. They were very professional and courteous. I highly recommend them to all my family and friends.

Been robbed..

By: madelinebatson | May 1, 2017

This past Friday afternoon I received a call from a tenant that then air conditioning was not putting out cold air and their family was hot..
So I had tenant to give me number located on system so I could call.. it was Presision AC or something like that.. anyway this company answers and says they are A&R and bought out the company that installed this system.. They would have someone to call me back... A young man named Matthew called back and said he could come by later that evening..
He came and called me from tenants house and said the charge was going to be $244.00 .. to change out this capacitor.. I have other rental homes​ and asked what was the charge for this dual capacitor part.. I've had these changed out many times and the part can be had for less than $10.00 retail online.. so I tell him to go on and replace for my tenants​ sake.. He was there no more than 30 minutes total... The capacitors swell up and is a easy fix... Anyway, I ask him to come...


Great service for new homeoeners!

By: non-member | March 22, 2017

I used My Guy HVAC two times now, once with my heat went out Sunday night I called My Guy HVAC they where at my house in like 45 minutes. The guy was so nice he checked out the furnace found the problem and was able to fix it tonight. I was happy and warm in like a hour and a half. Reasonable price, great service! My Guy HVAC will be my guy from now on!

Furnace break down

By: non-member | March 10, 2017

Cold winter night and ofcourse are furnace went out . I called reliance since a local contractor said they were to busy to come out to do the repair. So i called relaince . Within a few hours i received a call stating arrival time . Thw tech arrived as promised with the time frame. Explain what was going on . And what he can do to help . The tech got the unit up and running with 30 min of arrival . He followed with an explanation of what he did to repair. Thanks you matt coulombe daa3678 . Hope to see you again

Reliance Home Comfort

955 Cambrian Heights Dr Sudbury, ON

category: Air Conditioning - Contractors

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