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By: ginarosario34 | August 28, 2015


Highly recommended!

By: PaulineNarog | August 25, 2015

Replaced defective dual capacitor Kleen Air Service came out as a referral from my Home Maintenance Co. I placed the call at 9am Sat morning and they were able to fit me in with an appointment that afternoon. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated that, since the temperature in the house was slowing rising as a result of the outside AC fan not working AND it is summer time in TEXAS!!!! The tech was professional, efficient, answered all my questions and was in and out before I knew it. I called Kleen later with a few other questions and spoke with the owner Russell Pattinson, who was very helpful and informative. I would highly recommend this company, especially since there are a lot of "ripoffs" in the industry and hard to feel confident not knowing till its too late. As a note, I did not have to pay for the visit since my Home Maintenance Plan covered all the charges.

We would recommend them!

By: rdeepa98 | August 21, 2015

We had our AC, Furnace and water heater installed. The staff cleaned the air ducts and installed the system in a professional manner. They kept us informed and we were happy about their service. We would recommend them!

All false promises and lies

By: non-member | July 3, 2015

Unfortunately this was the worse experience I have ever been through. I had three estimates and decided to go with Aire one when he agreed to provide me with a certain thermostat as I am legally blind. I agreed to the terms and they began installation of my new furnace and central air. The fellow that installed didn't do the proper testing method and had to come back three times before Union Gas would hook it up. That was three more times on top of the two days installation I had to take off work. Then my furnace wouldn't work two months later and I had to take another day off work. The parts had to be ordered. On a brand new furnace? Really! I never received the proper thermostat and was told we will get it for you. Then I was told after waiting a month, no we aren't going to now. Rude. Lying, deceitful idiots. I wish I never called them. It is a lot of money to spend and nothing but problems.

Smoke Screen

By: buppy | June 29, 2015

This company is not a legitimate company. They are way overpriced and yes you to death and then give you a sub standard install. These residential systems work fine at first but are then prone to early failures due to the poor installation. The installer at my house was not a licensed technician. After talking to the owner it became apparent that i was dealing with a scam artist. I got screwed. I gave this outfit a one star rating only because there was no zero star rating.

Highly Recommend

By: non-member | June 24, 2015

I had Custom Comfort install a Ductless Split AC and Heat Pump in my home recently and all I can say is WOW. The installers arrived on time and were polite and clean. They protected my hardwood floors and carefully moved furniture so they could do their work. When they were done you wouldn't even know they were there as the work area was completely cleaned. The wall that the Ductless was installed against had not a scratch on it. The job only took a day to do so there was no disruption to my family's routine. Customer care is second to none!

Custom Comfort Climatecare

61 Patterson Rd Barrie, ON

category: Air Conditioning - Contractors

Terrible service from Clakson Comfort...

By: non-member | June 22, 2015

This was week four since I was promised by Alan to fix leak in A/C . After all stories that he keep telling me I decided to give up. He was aware of my situation from the beginning . I have old person leave in my house . However it did not stop him to make one excuse after another. Either he does not have leak stopper available or he has to leave urgently town.Today was another one from him. Last week we agreed again that he is coming this Monday afternoon. His excuse to cancel appointment this time I was not fast enough to text him back .This is how this guy can turn things around. My fault now not his. Previously I had him for other repairs and service was okay so far. Not any more. This guy providing disrespectful way of dealing with people. Beware of it .
Mark Gorelik

Clarkson Comfort Zone

2425 Truscott unita Mississauga, ON

category: Air Conditioning - Contractors

Poor (Non Existent) Service

By: richmondhillguy | May 9, 2015

I hired this company to install a 1/2" natural gas connector for my BBQ. (I found it on Kijiji). HHC seems to be an owner operated small business.The job was performed unsatisfactorily (wrong size of connector installed). Despite repeated attempts to get a return visit to "make it right" (and I repeatedly begged and offered to pay any additional costs) - the owner plays " hard to get" and won't come/return to fix his mistake. Imagine if this had been a furnace that this company installed or repaired and it was January. I have been chasing this company for over a month and the owner hides behind his cellphone call display and won't answer emails. I am not some crank - all I want was the problem rectified - I now have a natural gas quick connect that I can't use - I effectively wasted my money.

Thorough and very kind

By: non-member | May 4, 2015

I was very impressed by how thorough they were in their duct cleaning and the advice they provided regarding other issues with the home and potential contributors to poor air quality in the home along with ways that we could remedy these problems ourselves.
I found them to be honest and trustworthy, as well as genuinely helpful and concerned about their client's satisfaction and wellbeing.
They came back not only once, but twice to provide consultations on what else could be done to improve our air quality (my child and I are both asthmatic and have significant allergies). And while they had services that they could have recommended to receive additional payment, they actually advised against out of concern for our wellbeing (lung irritation). Through the information that they provided -at no cost- I was able to discover the issues and have them remedied.
I most certainly recommend this company.

Cir Vac

327 Ruth St E Saskatoon, SK

category: Air Conditioning - Cleaning

Informative folks

By: VictorSC | March 28, 2015

We're going to be doing some major HVAC upgrades throughout the spring and I just wanted to pass along a thank you for generous explanations and information that have gone into our decision making. This is a company that knows their stuff and won't try to sell you unneeded items. We're really looking forward to better quality air and temperature control!

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