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STAY AWAY - Fire Hazard Discovered...

By: hmahdi3 | June 28, 2016

HORRIBLE BUSINESS!!!! Stay Away!!!!! We are In the process of suing in Small Claims for cost of damages.
We bought a new house and they had installed the new AC. Every couple of days our AC was freezing up and would stop working. We had 2 different HVAC technicians come and ended up having to tear apart dry wall to discover the problem. Electrical work discovered to be done illegally!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AC is 50 amp, control panel is 40amp - 10 gage wire used. After contacting them many times, they refused to change the control panel and wire. They installed a 4 tonne AC with a 3/4 copper pipe when MUST (by manufacturer manual) used 7/8 copper pipe based off the AC manual. MAJOR cost savings corners were cut that they are taking no responsibility for. This fire hazard would have never been discovered until it was too late if it wasn't for our HVAC technicians. Sam was VERY rude to deal with and refused to send out a technician or to acknowledge any wrong doing. Unfortunately, as this will cost a hefty amount to repair and replace and we have decided to sue.
Do yourself, and your wallet a favour and STAY AWAY!

Jesse is exceptional.

By: barbaraobannon541 | June 24, 2016

About 7 years ago, in the middle of July, on a Sunday...after calling numerous a/c repair services....we began a most fortunate service relationship with Kleen Air Services.
On the phone, I explained, my frail 80 year old mother lived with me and I desperately needed to have her in a cool place. Within a few short hours Jesse Puente, our technician, arrived. Very professional and very knowledgea ble. He immediately assessed the problem and repaired the outside fan motor---and once again we had cool air! I am sure, in my situation, the charges could have been outrageous, but they were not. He did only what was needed and the charges were very reasonable. I was so impressed with his expertise, and honesty business dealings. From that time we had Jesse come twice each year to Rockwall to check out, service, and maintain our air and heating unit---which I would highly recommend. We moved to Mesquite a couple of years ago. In the beginning of summer, when the the unit stopped...


I'll be there at...

By: coreykbass | June 21, 2016

o DO NOT hire this company. Broken promise after broken promise. The experience I had was so surreal that we started joking about what excuse they would use next time and we were never too far off. Horrible quality of work (did not frame out where the AC was installed so it was screwed into drywall!). Multiple no-call-no-shows after down payment was received. Every excuse in the book (these are actual excuses used in the course of a week):
Traffic = no call no show
Trouble at another job = no call no show
Van broke down = started as going to be late, ended as no show
Supply house is so busy = 5 hours late
I’ll call you right back = Never called or showed again
Not to mention all the "I'll call you tonight" or "you'll have it tonight". Then we heard excuses like, "worked till 10 and did paperwork past midnight" and "we hadn't heard from the framer so we had no new information". If you enjoy getting the run around, being directly lied to, and having a horrible quality of work, this is the company for you.

worst customer service

By: alG | June 21, 2016

If there would be an option of zero stars, I would of chose that. Had a great experience few years ago and decided to call back since the air-conditioner wasn't working and I've dealt with the company before. The service mechanic was wonderful. When I received a call to quote the price I was never told there will be additional charges for the labour, I thought the price was final for everything: included the labour and the part. However on my bill I saw double the amount that I was quoted and on top I've asked them to charge on a different card and they failed to do so. When I tried to call to resolve the issue the lady wouldn't even want to speak to me and said she will pass my phone to the manager, from who I haven't heard back yet. Very disappointing. In the world where there is so much competition, I would assume they will work hard in the clientelling and customer service but I guess that's not the priority. I will never be using this company and will make sure our building will not be services by them.

Thermo Cool Mechanical

65 Woodstream Blvd Woodbridge, ON

category: Air Conditioning - Contractors

Green Air Care's service has...

By: fkevin307 | June 16, 2016

I purchased the whole-house cleaning package ($349) as part of spring cleaning to prep my home for sale, after contacting multiple companies and comparison-shopping. From my initial calls to get information about the service, to the follow-ups and scheduling, to the actual service call, everything went very smoothly, and I've very satisfied with the results.ASHLEY helped me decide to go with Green Air Care by providing good information about the services included in the package. STAN showed up on-time on the appointment date, took very good care not to dirty or damage the house (the service was completed after I'd already completed interior painting and floor replacement), and was very efficient in his work.The proof is in the results. I can see a very noticeable difference in the amount of dust that I pick up from surfaces in my regular cleaning. Green Air Care's service has helped me keep a great-looking home that will hopefully attract a buyer soon

Poor product & service

By: hho | June 4, 2016

I bought a furnace and air conditioner from them. They all have problems within warranty. Somehow there must be charges which were not related to parts and warranty. I talked to the sale but he said there was nothing to do with him. I tried to call the office but always no one answers.

HomeStar Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

606 Gordon Baker Road North York, ON

category: Air Conditioning - Repairs

Completely Unprofessional

By: mizzpiggy2000 | June 4, 2016

Cheryl Landry
in the last week

I called at 4:56 pm on a Friday for a service call on my ac unit they installed within a year that just quit working. Was informed my warranty would not cover the call because it was after hours and the weekend. It was 94 degrees in the house and my ferret was struggling to breathe so didn't think I had a choice. The service tech "Kevin" said he would be there in an hour. Thought he was a pretty nice guy. At the last minute someone offered two window units to hold us over till Monday so the warranty would cover the service, so I called to make sure I understood him correctly and told him I may need to cancel till Monday. HE ABSOLUTELY BLEW UP ON ME!!!! He proceeded to tell me he was black balling me and to find a different company to fix my problem (which by the way I wouldn't even have a warranty with) and hung up on me. I tried calling him back and the...


Kap Air and Heat, Inc.

1626 Red Mangrove Drive DeLand, FL

category: Air Conditioning - Retailers


By: sarab68 | June 2, 2016

Not even one star. Complete loser no class not professional. He was verbaly abusif i don't understand why he is allowed owing a company. I opened a complaint file at the consumer protection office. I will not let this maniac get away with it. You should all open a file that rhe the consumer protection office will help us shut him down.

Cec Ener-Tech Inc

2705 Ch Bates #200 Montreal, QC

category: Air Conditioning - Contractors

AHansen is Number 1

By: pexner1 | May 19, 2016

I've dealt with Hansen Plumbing and Heating for years and they are by far the best in the business. Their personnel are courteous and arrive on time. they get the job done quickly and are clean about it. You can't go wrong by calling Hansen!

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