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No problems with the company....

By: johnamaclean | September 17, 2014

Had a Trane furnace and AC installed several years ago. No problems with the installation. Everything was as expected with the transaction. The AC developed a leak in the lines which EB Blue fixed. Again, no issues and I recommend EN Blue as a company for consideration. The only reason why I'm giving 4 stars vice 5 is because of the leak with the AC line otherwise it would have been 5 stars.

Job was done well but cost was a...

By: non-member | August 15, 2014

I had an extension done for some copper tubing on my hot water tank that took about an hour. The job was done well but the price was exuberant to have it done. Thank you for the repair work, but i wont be calling you in for service in the future.

Ripped off

By: non-member | July 23, 2014

I had the experience of having my furnace breakdown at the most extreme coldest temperature of February 2013. I found AireOne in the yellow pages. But, before deciding to use them, I made several calls to 2 or 3 other companies and since it was 8:00 pm, on a week night, and the company I would have preferred to use was not available until the following day, and ..., I had to wear my sweater and coat, I felt compelled to go ahead with the service call after receiving a return call, approximately one hour following the initial inquiry call. The repair man appeared, and was, knowledgeable. He advised me that the coupler was broken and the heating unit was cracked and walked me through the repair. He informed me that it would be $500.00 but this could be deducted against my order of a new furnace, that he felt was needed and it could be installed in one week. I ended up paying only $300.00 at this time. As a rule, I do much research before making a decision, but felt comfortable...



By: Johngovon | June 30, 2014

Had A/C leak repaired in 2006. June 2007 did not work, called the Service Experts for warrantee, I was 3 days over the 1 year and they would not honor. Service tech said a leak has to be repaired, or unit replaced! I called a tech out of the Penny Saver at the time, he came out and fixed it! *years working now!!

HVAC Rennovation

By: Kimberly345 | May 31, 2014

I am a Manager in a Shopping Mall located in Mississauga. Recently I've done a HVAC System renovation project with Air Track Inc.
From the start to completion Air Track Inc. and its technicians are very informative, very friendly and ensuring your complete satisfaction. I like Air Track Inc. very much and I want to maintain a good business relationship for a long time.

Would Recommend

By: non-member | May 28, 2014

I would highly recommend Atlas care for any type of heating and air conditioning service you require! Tracey @ Atlas care helped me trouble shoot my AC problem. She was fantastic and very friendly and save me a service call and $$. Though Atlas Care did not make money from me, they gained me as a customer for life and I will be sure to recommend Atlas Care to Friends and Family. Thank you so much Tracey!


What a rip-off this guy is

By: non-member | May 27, 2014

We hired this guys 2 years ago to solve a cooling problem we had and still have in our home. He was very pleasant and courteous, we were advised that the solution was to replace an 11 year old air conditioner unit. Well he replaced it and the problem still remains never to see him again after numerous phone calls. I will never hire him for anything or recommend him. If you hire this guy don't pay in full until you are sure your happy with the work.


By: non-member | May 18, 2014

We had our high efficiency furnace installed by this company in 2006. They installed it without any filter, and the sloping of the pipes were wrong, so condensation was sloshing in it a few days later. We had to call them back to have it fixed.
This winter the furnace broke down, there was no heat. As the company did NOT leave the manual with us at the time of installation, we did not know what the fault codes mean. Neither did they. The person they sent out has obviously never read the manual for this kind of furnace as he did not know, (I managed to find the manual on the web in the end) that the fault codes are 2 digit codes, he said he did not know what code 4 means - of course, because it was not 4, it was 44 - that is the low pressure switch problem. When he came back the second time, after discussion with the owner he suggested we change the circuit board! So we paid twice for the wrong diagnosis. We had to call another company to fix it after. DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BUSINESS. They spend more attention to marketing, checking their own reviews and sending christmas cards instead of hiring well trained staff.

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