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I was impressed with their knowledge...

By: danf0737 | May 4, 2017

Orlando and his team came out to our home because our A/C unit was not working. He was able to diagnose the problem and fix it at a very competitive price. I was impressed with their knowledge and experience. They were very professional and courteous. I highly recommend them to all my family and friends.

Been robbed..

By: madelinebatson | May 1, 2017

This past Friday afternoon I received a call from a tenant that then air conditioning was not putting out cold air and their family was hot..
So I had tenant to give me number located on system so I could call.. it was Presision AC or something like that.. anyway this company answers and says they are A&R and bought out the company that installed this system.. They would have someone to call me back... A young man named Matthew called back and said he could come by later that evening..
He came and called me from tenants house and said the charge was going to be $244.00 .. to change out this capacitor.. I have other rental homes​ and asked what was the charge for this dual capacitor part.. I've had these changed out many times and the part can be had for less than $10.00 retail online.. so I tell him to go on and replace for my tenants​ sake.. He was there no more than 30 minutes total... The capacitors swell up and is a easy fix... Anyway, I ask him to come...


Great service for new homeoeners!

By: non-member | March 22, 2017

I used My Guy HVAC two times now, once with my heat went out Sunday night I called My Guy HVAC they where at my house in like 45 minutes. The guy was so nice he checked out the furnace found the problem and was able to fix it tonight. I was happy and warm in like a hour and a half. Reasonable price, great service! My Guy HVAC will be my guy from now on!

Simply Amazing!

By: Paula A. Duell | March 17, 2017

My cousin stayed over winter from Texas and complained that our water was hard water and it was ruining her hair. I’ve been suffering from flat hair all my life so I decided to test a theory. I hired Simply Green and somehow they have taken out all the minerals in my water supply. I genuinely notice the difference in my hair. I highly recommend you at least look into this—sometimes it’s the water.

Furnace break down

By: non-member | March 10, 2017

Cold winter night and ofcourse are furnace went out . I called reliance since a local contractor said they were to busy to come out to do the repair. So i called relaince . Within a few hours i received a call stating arrival time . Thw tech arrived as promised with the time frame. Explain what was going on . And what he can do to help . The tech got the unit up and running with 30 min of arrival . He followed with an explanation of what he did to repair. Thanks you matt coulombe daa3678 . Hope to see you again

Reliance Home Comfort

955 Cambrian Heights Dr Sudbury, ON

category: Air Conditioning - Contractors

Great service and earned rebates...

By: rosenovak90 | February 21, 2017

The moment I requested a free quote for a new furnace at our house, up until the claiming of rebates, the staff of Constant Home Comfort provided great service - it even felt like they had dedicated teams assigned just for your needs! They came immediately to do an assessment and quote and when we decided to proceed with their wide selection of furnaces, they did a quick job of installing it and even cleaned up very well. They also told us about rebates from the government. At first I couldn't believe our luck because we already got the furnace at the friendliest price possible, and then I find out we get our money back through rebates? It's like what we spent went right back in our pockets! The best part is, there was none of the usual back and forth, fighting to the end just to get the rebates. They processed everything and filed the application on our behalf. Next thing we know, there's a cheque waiting for us in the mail from the government for upgrading our furnace and apparently being good citizens to the environment. As if the good furnace wasn't enough, right?

Constant Home Comfort

3980 14th ave, unit 1,2&3 unit 1,2&3 Markham, ON

category: Air Conditioning - Contractors

great people!

By: ricky222 | February 13, 2017

I use inair for my annual maintenance and have been very pleased with them. Last week our furnace went out and I was surprised that inair not only came in lower for the estimate to replace the furnace, but the installation crew was so detail focused and even got me involved when I asked some questions! I have long believed that it's the people that make a company great, and inair got the right ones!

inAir heating & air conditioning

820 Acworth Due West Rd NW Kennesaw, GA

category: Air Conditioning - Repairs

Very Pleased

By: verysatisfied | January 18, 2017

Bought a new furnace and AC from Aire One because of the great price. The installation crew were very professional and removed and replaced the units in one long day cleaning up everything and removing the old units. I did not sign up for their extended warranty or annual maintenance plans as my last furnace never required any repairs in the 20 years we owned the house. For 18 months, everything worked great. This winter the furnace started to cut out before the house would get up to temperature. I though I would support a local HVAC company and get them to take a look at it rather than bringing Aire One in from out of town. Big mistake. I spent over $250 to have a guy come in for 45 minutes, move a few switches back and forth and basically did nothing but recommend that we change the filter (which was new). The furnace ran for an hour after he left before the problem came back. I called Aire One who quoted a $65 call-out charge and sent a technician over later the same day. He quickly fixed the problem (plugged drain pipe) and left saying that he felt it was a warranty issue and there was no charge.
There is no question that I will be signing up for a maintenance plan with these guys.

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